12 Jan 2015

On the road in your Motorhome in winter too, here are our tips.

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Are you a motorhome owner who won't give up on your desire to travel around in the cold weather? This is the right move, because with the Ducato Motorhome, you are always in good company. But what are the things you should keep in mind to travel safely in all weather? Here are some simple yet useful tips to keep in mind:

1) Before setting off, have the engine of your Ducato checked completely: all components must be in perfect working order. Check the engine oil and fluid levels, the condition of your battery and the diesel filter.

2) Check the tyres. You must fit winter tyres in perfect condition without a worn tread and inflated to the right pressure. We recommend a pressure of 5.0 bar in the front tyres and 5.5 bar in the rear tyres on the Ducato with 15" wheels, or 5.5 bar on both front and rear tyres on the Ducato with 16" wheels. Remember to keep your snow chains on board at all times (max. thickness 10 mm).

3) Last but not least, check all the headlights and indicator lights are working properly, that the windscreen wipers are in perfect working order and the screen washer fluid can operate at very low temperatures. Visibility is vital, especially in adverse weather conditions.

All that we have left to do is to wish you a safe journey; remember always to drive carefully and to respect the highway code and other drivers on the road.

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