16 Dec 2014

A new year with the Ducato Motorhome

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We're about to say goodbye to the year 2014, a year which for motorhome lovers has been as always marked by journeys and adventures, and twice as important for us, because it witnessed the launch of a new generation of the Ducato. 
The wheels on your motorhome have travelled thousands of kilometres, they have taken you to visit breathtaking landscapes and cities brimming with history and charm. This is exactly why we are sure that many of you will also be seeing the new year in behind the wheel of your trusted Ducato Motorhome. Ideally we would like to gather you all in a large shared hug and celebrate the goals achieved together, safe in the knowledge that plenty more destinations await in 2015. Share the photos of your New Year's celebrations on our Facebook page​, the most striking ones will bring this site to life so we can celebrate together the new year as we should! Best Wishes from all the staff at Fiat Ducato Motorhome.
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