19 Nov 2015


Life on board
Choosing a camper van getaway means being in closer contact with nature. As if this was not enough to have beneficial effects on your feeling of well-being, it is worth mentioning thata camper van holiday is an explicit invitation to be active and choose movement, sport and relaxation. In brief, everything that is known to free you from stress and make you healthier.
Camper vans spell freedom and have plenty of room for all your hobbies and favourite sports. Bicycles, surf boards, skis, scuba sets… There is room for even the most cumbersome equipment so you can take everything everywhere you go. Recreational vehicles are perfect for sports and hobby enthusiasts: skiers, scuba divers, anglers and photographers alike.

On your camper van you can carry all the equipment you need conveniently and rationally. There are optimum transport solutions even for scuba sets, which are known to be one of the trickiest on account of the delicate nitrox or trimix air tanks. For transport, the tanks must be loaded on the vehicle, fixed and tied securely, possibly in vertical position. If they are arranged horizontally, they must be perpendicular to direction of travel. Always fit valve covers and remember to unload the tanks as soon as you reach your destination.

Of course, bicycles are a sure favourite among campers. They are a great way to explore surroundings, in cities and in the country alike. Installing a bicycle rack on the back of your camper van is easy and one rack can conveniently carry up to three bicycles. The advice here is to secure the bicycle frame correctly and check its hold by tightening the straps very well. Finally, remember to place a projection marker sign (that you will have prepared in advance) on the last bicycle you load.

Not least, your camper van doubles as a handy locker room and safe refreshment point before and after your sports activities.
Enjoying sports and leisure activities at full throttle has never been this easy!
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