26 Aug 2017

Ducato 4x4 Expedition 2017 makes its début in Düsseldorf

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From 26 August to 3 September, Fiat Professional will be at Düsseldorf’s Caravan Salon 2017 with a Show vehicle built on a Talento base, for those looking for a more compact solution, and with the Fullback Cross pick up truck, ideal for outdoor activities.

The real star of the show, however, will be the Ducato 4x4 Expedition 2017 show vehicle, designed for those looking for new freedom and extraordinary adventures. Fiat continues the innovation process it started thirty-six years ago with Ducato.

The Expedition 2017 4x4 model’s permanent all-wheel-drive ensures the right torque split between front and rear wheels, thus optimizing traction over mud, snow and sand. Exploring new and unusual destinations has never been simpler.

The new Fiat Ducato 4x4 Expedition 2017 is also about safety and driving pleasure.

Driver and passenger comfort is guaranteed by the adjustable steering wheel, hydraulic power steering and rotating “Captain Chair” seats. 

It is no accident that Fiat Professional’s Ducato 4x4 Expedition 2017 is once again the “Leader in freedom”. This motto really encapsulates the essence of the brand, when it comes to vehicle production and being close to its customers.
The leadership of Fiat Professional is ensured by its wide product range and the specific services it guarantees. The ‘Freedom’ concept is the most heartfelt promise that the Brand can make to each of its customers. It is a promise to always be there, when there are problems with the vehicle or during customers’ holidays, in any destination, on any terrain.​

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