11 Feb 2022



The cabin: command post and living space

Every detail of the Ducato has evolved, even down to the driver's seat. Anyone fortunate enough to have driven a Ducato-based motorhome will discover substantial upgrades when climbing aboard a vehicle built onto the new Ducato 2021. We are talking about a whole series of elements that improve the interaction between driver and vehicle, because the cabin, and particularly the driver's seat, serve as the main interface between human and machine. And if everything works well, the results are tangible improvements in safety, ease of manoeuvring and driving pleasure. Because after all, Ducato-based motorhomes are designed for driving pleasure, which is immediate right from the moment you sit in the driver's seat, grip the steering wheel and start driving the first few metres.
A key element of the new Ducato MY 2021 is the car-like steering wheel, with its smaller radius, good grip and, last but not least, stylish appearance. Thanks to the steering wheel controls, the driver can concentrate on driving while changing the onboard radio and cruise control settings with a tap of the finger. The steering wheel further enhances the driving enjoyment provided by the new electronic power steering, which makes manoeuvring even a generously sized motorhome very simple. Simple and... enjoyable.

The gear lever

The position of the dash-mounted gear lever is tried-and-tested and one of the elements that have contributed most to the Ducato’s success in recent years: the 6-speed manual shift lever is always within reach, to ensure smooth and effortless manoeuvring. But let's not forget that the Ducato motorhome isn’t only available with a manual transmission: more and more motorhome owners are opting for the sophisticated 9Speed automatic transmission, which makes driving a real joy, always providing the perfect torque and the right level of power to the vehicle.
The manual or automatic transmission can be paired with the different engines offered by Ducato, with outputs up to 180 hp, so there’s plenty of choice to suit everyone. The Ducato gear lever, which already for many years has been mounted on the dashboard and therefore takes up less space, has long represented an advantage for drivers, as well as an essential solution for incorporating the “captain’s chair” swivel seats into the rear living area behind them.

The electronic parking brake

Likewise, another element that improves practicality at the front of the motorhome has been introduced on the new Ducato MY 2021: an electronic parking brake. Eliminating the conventional floor-mounted lever is not just a stylistic and ergonomic improvement for the driver, but also benefits the living area layout. It's worth remembering that in most motorhomes, the driver’s cab can be integrated into the passenger compartment by rotating the front seats while parked, so replacing the parking brake lever with a small dash-mounted control has obvious advantages because it increases available space and facilitates movement of the seats.
Finally, life in the cabin is further improved by the introduction of new storage compartments, including in the side doors: there’s even a specific compartment for charging your smartphone.

The Ducato offering has also been expanded with numerous innovations designed to ensure greater safety and driving pleasure in the new Ducato 2021 version!

This article talks about the specific features and content that manufacturers can choose to adopt on their Ducato-based motorhomes, so you should check whether the model you are buying from your dealer includes this equipment. The trim levels and optionals for the models may also vary according to specific market or legal requirements.​​​​​​

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