17 Mar 2016

A tailor-made Ducato Camper Van for Sweden's ski team

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A massage table, exercise bikes, personal lockers... these are just a few of the practical fittings in a special camper van made to measure for the Swedish Ski Team.
The Ski Team Sweden X-Country is the only team in the world able to count on such a special vehicle, built on a Fiat Ducato Camper base. It is owned by the Swedish international cross-country skiing squad and has been custom-built to satisfy the precise needs of the team, which is sponsored by Fiat Prof Sweden.

On a Fiat Professional base, S Karosser AB has created a truly extraordinary vehicle, dedicated to the Cross-Country Team, Ski Team Sweden X-Country, in order to provide a mobile support base for Swedish international skiers during speed skiing competitions.

This camper van – based on the Fiat Ducato model – has a double load compartment and is 8.6 metres long.
It contains personal lockers, ski storage, a kitchen zone, an athletes' relaxation area and much more: "In this way, the skiers are offered beneficial comforts, and can rest in the intervals between one heat and another, keeping warm, using the massage table, exercising, cooking or chatting", explains Johan Sares, manager of Sweden's skiing team.

To build this special camper, roughly 1,000 hours of work were necessary, due to its unprecedented level of personalisation. The van is powered by a 180 HP Multijet engine. It has already been used in the Skiing World Cup and is currently in Stockholm, at the Royal Palace Sprint event in the Old Town centre.

Whether you're a family or an international sports team, Fiat Professional travels by your side.

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