Fiat is committed to curtailing CO2 by continuously focusing on improving quality standards and reducing the environmental impact of its vehicles and production processes. With the best-in-class fuel efficiency of its Euro 6d-TEMP engines, Gear Shift Indicator, low-friction tyres, LED DRL, low-viscosity engine oil and high-slip piston rings, Ducato is the environment's best friend. For these reasons too, major specialised magazines have named it the best motorhome base, used by the most important manufacturers.​


-52%of CO2

A motorhome holiday cuts CO2 by up to 52% with respect to a traditional holiday.

Travelling by motorhome means choosing a style of holidaying that is in close contact with the natural environment and also protecting it: a camper van holiday can reduce polluting emissions by up to 52% compared to a traditional holiday.

And compared to a “car+hotel“ combo, the motorhome alternative lowers this figure even further, to 65%. This is why a motorhome holiday is a responsible and sustainable way to travel comfortably with added fun.


* Source: “Mobile Housing Units”, a research by prof. Paolo Fiamma (University of Pisa) 2015;


For the new Euro 6d-TEMP engines, as well as the usual Diesel particulate filter, Fiat Ducato has introduced post-treatment of exhaust gases using the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) process, a chemical reaction that transforms pollutant nitrogen oxides (NOx) into harmless substances such as diatomic nitrogen (N2) and water (H2O), through the addition of a reducing agent (urea) with the commercial name of “adBlue”. The system considerably reduces emissions with no loss of performance or driving pleasure. For us, this means putting technology and innovation at the service of the environment.
It would take more than 50 Euro6 motorhomes to produce the same emissions as just one Euro1 motorhome, and 14 to produce the same amount of nitrogen oxides.



It is advisable to plan the trip in advance selecting the shortest route and adopting a few simple precautions to reduce CO2 emissions and save fuel.


    • Do not carry large loads on the outside: you will be able to exploit the aerodynamics of your motorhome better in this manner.
    • Use on-board electrical devices and air conditioning smartly, avoiding excessively cold temperatures.
    • Check that the tyre pressure is right before setting off. 

    • Keep the right driving style, a regular pace without sudden accelerations or braking and a moderate speed.
    • Use high gears when possible: the GSI indicator will always tell you when you need to shift up or down.
    • Cut utility costs by using heating, hot water and the stove responsibly.

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