Fiat Ducato Camper

Verify if the chassis of your Ducato is subject to recalls.

Fiat Professional always pays attention to your safety and continuously tries to maxime your satisfaction.
For this reason we sometimes launch recall campaigns.
Therefore we ask that you make periodical checks in case a visit to a Fiat Camper assistance workshop is necessary.

  1. Check the model and chassis number of your camper, either on the registration document ( V5 ) or on the vehicle chassis plate.
  2. Insert the vehicle details:
    • Model code
      The model code is the first 3 digits after ZFA on the VIN number eg ZFA25000001118692.
      This will always be 250 for the current Ducato but you may need to insert either 250 or 251.
      For previous model Ducato, you will need to insert either 243 or 244 or 245.
    • Chassis number
      Insert the vehicles chassis number. This will always be the last 7 numbers preceded by 0 eg 01118692.

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